Striped Bass

Thoughtfully sourced seafood flown in fresh daily from around the world.

man pouring drink

— Handcrafted cocktails made with premium spirits


Impeccable ingredients speak for themselves. We go the distance to source our seafood, meats, and produce directly from fishers and farmers who share our commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainable practices. Our guiding philosophy is simple: superior ingredients, perfectly executed.

shrimp dinner

— Our shrimp are sourced from the Sea of Cortez, wild-caught, and shipped directly from the boats to our door.

Fish market

— Our seafood selections change often based on seasonably appropriate catches sourced from around the world.


We fly in the freshest seafood from around the world – seven days a week. That daily catch leaves the airport in our Buck & Rider refrigerated van, headed straight for our kitchens and raw bars. The logistics may be complex, but the mission is straightforward. We do whatever it takes to serve the finest just-caught fish and shellfish of the East, West, and Gulf coasts and beyond.

Buck & Rider North Scottsdale

— Buck & Rider North Scottsdale